Why did this girl laugh so loud then turn around and stare at me?

I used to see this girl around and we kept looking at each other. I’d see her on her own and we would just glance here and there at each other. I saw her sitting with a friend and I looked and she looked back. Then I sat behind her - little bit on purpose. Someone did something funny and I laughed at it. She then started laughing but then suddenly stopped and just stared right into my eyes. I smiled and she resumed her conversation. I haven’t seen her for ages. But I’ve always wondered what was going on. Many thanks
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  • I do thaT but i try to make it less obvious im staring so i do it in and out of conversations with other people and im quite a talkative person so its probably just a coincidence theyre laughing

    • Something funny happened and we both saw it at the same time...

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  • She was curious about you.

  • Typically if a girl has a crush on someone when she laughs, her eyes natural float to that person. I'm not sure why we are like that, but I know I do it.

  • Seems like a very awkward back forth you got going there especially if you don’t actually know each other

    • Yeah. I don’t know how it started

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