Girls that have had success on player guys?

For you girls that have had success slapping the crap out of guys that are players, what do u do that makes a player freeze, so ur smack is unavoidable?
  • I've tried, but they've blocked or ducked it😒
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  • I have. Pushing out my hip, hand propped on my hip, looking🙄🙄at him, then flipping out my other hand
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  • Giving him a 😊😊😊face, tilting my head, then going "ugh!" Before flipping my hand out
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  • Giving him a 😒😒😒face, then lifting my smack up really high!
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  • Wearing tights, sticking out my hip, hand on my hip and looking😊😊at him, before lifting my smack up high
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  • Oh yay. Slap fetish guy is back with his 3rd question of the day and the same overuse of emojis


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