Why does she run off when I stop directly talking to her?

She’s a shy girl; Appears to glance at me from distance whenever I’m talking to anyone in her section, seems excited to talk to me, and I constantly run into her at work. She’s already agreed to see me outside of work.

what I don’t understand is whenever we’re talking alone the conversation flows but often dies ASAP when someone else walks up to us or as soon as I bring someone else into the convo she clams up. Then moments later she just gaps it..

is it just nerves or something?


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  • maybe she has social anxiety

    hates more than one person or crowds and prefers one on one.

    She sounds painfully shy too

    • 9 d ago

      Yeah she seems sweet with others or smaller groups.

      Must just be her being incredibly shy around me

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    • 7 d ago

      I’m gonna go with painfully shy 😂 she grabbed my number and within 2 days did a full 180...

    • 7 d ago

      @Asker ok, thats good to know.

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  • Probably she likes you and she a bite shy


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