What does it mean when a guy says he ”feels” like he gonna marry you?

I’ve known him for 3 years...
When we met I fell in love (like enamoured). But, he used me and many other women. The thing is I kept contact and provided him advice as a friend even though I shouldn’t have. (He’s a jerk) The strangest thing is he gets irritated and I challenge him with what he's doing wrong and he never listens. Then it leads to him blocking me and eventually coming back to me 2 months later.

He has admitted he blocks women but I’m the only one he continually comes back to. He says it’s because I’m the only one who has been there for the good and the bad and didn’t care much. So, the last time I had begun seeing someone else (who I love and adore and has been here for me when things are difficult). He was jealous when ever I talked about him. He later admitted that he had slowly fallen in love with me and had said “I Love you, ____” . Because, I’m no longer in love with him and see a soulmate in someone else I stopped contact with him.

Fast-forward another 3 month he messaged me “Hey” . I ignored it, of course. But, then messaged me and apologized saying that “I always feel like I’m gonna end up marrying you”. He says that he wants to wait till I get experience dating people cause I am 5 years younger then him and that he’s happy as long as I am. I can’t help feeling like he’s being genuine although his past is confusing. I have stated that I love my boyfriend and that there’s little chance I’ll be with him. But, he just says I’ll wait. He is 100% confident that I end up with him. But, what’s concerning is that he still takes from women no longer the sex part he says he doesn’t cares for that. He says he just wants a good partner. But, on the flip side this is after he has all these women he’s in love with and he says I’ll use them to get to you. (They will pay for flights to the city I live and he will come just to see me).

Advice please!


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  • If he thinks it is okay to use other women to try to build a relationship with you, then he will disrespect you once he has some sign of commitment from you. This guy sounds like not just bad news, but awful news!


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  • I think he is a manipulative personality that is trying to keep you on the back burner and the best solution is to either just block him and cut him out of your life or tell your SO and let him handle it.

  • Hey, question

    Why would a girl MAJORLY flirt with you, but not mention she's engaged?

    • 11 h ago

      To get something from them

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