Shampoo and conditioner?

So at work we talk about random things. The conversation of order we wash our bodies. And let me tell you I wasn't ready. Some people shave but some don't how do you wash your vagina pubes? Some of the answers I got are in the poll. Y'all I didn't know there was this many ways people do it
  • Shaven/ use body wash
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  • Unshaved- uses body wash
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  • Unshaved-uses shampoo
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  • Unshaved-uses both shampoo and conditioner.
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  • Unshaved-uses body wash then conditioner
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  • It depends.

    I've got long hair, so I don't wash it every day, but when I do:

    Shampoo on hair, whilst I shave my pits.

    Shampoo again after I shave my private area.

    Conditioner after squeezing and I leave it in for a few minutes and do other things, so I'm not just standing there, like shave my arms and scrub other areas.

    I leave conditioner in for the longest, because it's supposed to be better and more effective and I only shampoo twice, because I put oil in my hair, before I wash it and shampooing it once doesn't get rid of the grease completely.

    I shave certain areas for different reason:

    Feel more comfortable
    Look better to me
    Produce less odour

  • I use neither i use the ones specifically for the vagina

  • Moisturising body wash as I shave.


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