How tell between jealousy of sexual vs feelings?

Long story short, a girl told me she only wanted to sleep with me, not date me. Although I'm fine with it, I have my doubts because:

Positive signs:

1. She's always moody when she sees me with other girls.
2. She "sticks" around to see if I'm going to walk with another girl after work.
3. Tries to listen to my phone conversations when it's late at night (we sometimes have to stay late - 8 - 9pm for work = she's worried it might be a girl on the line).
4. Gave me the puppy eyes when I told her I wasn't going to see her again for 3 months (the I'm going to miss you look).

Negative signs:

1. She flat out told me she's doesn't want to date.
2. When I showed a just a bit of romantic affection (I said goodnight to her) she reacted slightly surprised and her friend wasn't happy.

+++ I can tell when girls are jealous, but how can you tell if it's because she simply wants to sleep or has romantic feelings for you? +++

+++ Ultimately, I'm suspecting there's something else going on in her life that is preventing her from moving into a relationship. If so, time to move on.+++
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She just exited a relationship about 2 months ago and I think her husband/boyfriend cheated on her :P Could be commitment issues...
How tell between jealousy of sexual vs feelings?
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