My ex broke my heart. Is it my fault for trusting him?

I have never had a guy ask me flat out to.
have sex or for a casual hookup, ever. No guy has ever asked me for anything lesd than a relationship. My ex was no exception. He had approached me with very vocal intentions about getting serious. He was super gentle and fun and then we slept together and nothing changed. He was as nice as he had always been. I have needs too so I wasn't withholding sex even though I gave this man my virginity I never pressured him to be my boyfriend just so we could have sex - I wanted to sleep with him. He told me "I love you" 5 times before I said it back. He asked me not to say it unless I meant it because if I ever did tell him I loved him he wanted it to be sincere. When we became official I said it 2 weeks later but I meant it with all my heart about 2 months after I actually said it. I didn't intend on falling in love, it just happened. By the time I felt that I had invested a lot into the relationship he switched up. We had an argument and he pushed me away. He started treating me like just some stranger off the street. We had some ups and downs after that but ultimately we broke up in the end and of course it was my first heart break. I always hear that its the girls fault for choosing to be with someone who wasn't a nice guy or for trying to change a player. But from hearing my side of things I think its clear he never showed any sign of being a bad guy at all. I didn't try to change him. Is it my fault that I got played?
Yeah you should have known better
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Yeah, but you were kind of blindsided so its 50/50
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No, you didn't know he was lying about his intentions
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He probably didn't mean to play you
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He played you like a sucker/it was all an act
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Something else
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My ex broke my heart. Is it my fault for trusting him?
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