Why do guys not like party girls?

I wouldn't say i was a big party girl but i enjoy a little dance and drink at times not to extremes, im quite a good, classy party girl, i rarely get off with boys, i don't do drugs and only get a little drunk.

The other night i went out with some girl friends and when i told the guy im seeing, he seemed pretty awkward about it as he's not really into drinking or partying very much and is a little shy around others as am i at times. I down played my party girl antics to him even though a couple weeks ago i was dancing on a table on holiday taking shotsπŸ˜….

I didn't really enjoy myself last night as i wanted to go to the clubs were the young people were not shitty bars full of old people. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as i behave myself but i can tell but guys dont like any hint of their girl maybe being a bit wild and like to party but it's also my job at times to go to partys and make sure people are enjoying themselves and i dont want him to feel intimated or uncomfortable with that.
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I don't mind if he wants to go out with his friends as long as he remembers to be careful and loyal.

With my ex, he liked to party and it caused a lot of trouble but it was also fun to go out with him when things were good and he wasn't being mean to me
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It also worries me as my line of work is highly involved im the party industry and im very focused on having a career in the night life business myself, maybe owning and running a couple bars and clubs in the future
Why do guys not like party girls?
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