I'm (22M) interested in this girl (22F), but she just broke up with her boyfriend. What should I do?

I just graduated from college and moved back home for my gap year (I'm currently applying to med school). However, I'm still trying to maintain somewhat of a normal life while going through this grueling process. There's a girl I've known since elementary school who I'm kind of into. She's probably the hottest girl I've ever met lol. We've always been friendly with each other, but I never made a move because I was a lot less self-confident in my teen years.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was working in a psychiatrist's office for some more clinical experience, and like most people my age, I tweeted about it. She liked the tweet, but I didn't think much about it. Then, she randomly dm'd me asking me how it was working for a psychiatrist/psychologist and said "Sorry if I sound like an idiot" (I guess she wasn't sure if there was a difference?). We usually never actually message each other so I was shocked. I told her it was cool and then she replied that she finds psychiatry interesting along with the winking emoji with the tongue stuck out. At that point I started to think she was interested in me.

A few days later one of my homies told me that he found out that this girl recently broke up with her boyfriend and that she was planning on travelling to Europe. I'm sure the breakup must've sucked for her, but not gonna lie, this excited me. I started messaging her more, but I noticed that she would reply almost a day after. My birthday was last week and she didn't message me. However, she messaged me a day later saying that she was really really sorry for forgetting and that she wanted us to celebrate when she gets back from Europe.
I usually have bad luck with girls, which is why I'm kind of neurotic about this. Do you think she likes me? Or is she just being friendly? Should I go after her even though she just broke up with her boyfriend? Any advice would be appreciated.
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I'm (22M) interested in this girl (22F), but she just broke up with her boyfriend. What should I do?
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