Why dont girls know what they want?

We know what we want
We like ass tidies and face, the rest like personality.

But girls? Oh girls. You will catch girls liking everything on their damn mothers.

"I like a dad body"
"Dad body is gross"
"I like guys who are strong and fit"
"Muscles and six packs are gross"
"Idc if the guy is nice its personality"
"I dont trust nice guys"
"Bad boys have what we want"
" I wouldn't fuck a bad boy"
" Dick size dont matter"
" It does matter to us and it gotta be some sort of size"
"Height isn't everything"
"Tall guys are so hot"
"Idc about looks. It's all about personality as long as he's confident"
"He gotta look decent atleast"
" Bald guys can look good"
" I prefer hair on a guy so I can grab it"

"If she's hot I'll hit on her"
"Idc about that as long as she has a good personality I'm good"

It's crazy how girls aren't like stable and just like all different types of things, while us guys are simple and know what we want.
Why dont girls know what they want?
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