Window-shopping/catcalling from girls: flirting or just having fun?

Hi all, my first post here!

Not sure if what I’m referring to is window-shopping or catcalling (I’m not bothered by the definition), anyway let’s go straight to a real-life example:

I’m walking down the sidewalk, and there is a group of two girls walking towards me. This is the simplest scenario LOL. They are not giggling, nor blushing, nor fixing hair, they seem in control of their emotions and they just look…pleased. For some strange reasons eye contact seems to be forbidden while approaching each other (we are all observing each other using peripherical vision) and when we are pretty much aligned, but walking in opposite directions, they just say one of the following things (I’ve translated them in English):

“Oh la la!”
“Not bad!”
“He’s hot!”
“Fuck he’s hot!” (pretty rare, only used by the finest girls LOL)

Sure I take all of this as a compliment and it’s always nice to go for a walk and get all this attention, but I’ve been thinking whether this is an invitation by girls to engage them (I don’t think so, also because by the time they say what they have to say we have passed each other, and I must admit they are all well calibrated to speak when I can still hear them but they are now behind me) or whether this is just girls having fun walking in the city and making comments on cute guys as they cross them.

You girls are terrible aren’t you ;)

PS: let’s put aside the objectification associated with all of this, as it does not bother me and I’m really not interested in discussing that
Window-shopping/catcalling from girls: flirting or just having fun?
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