Is there more to it?

My wife [D]though i was cheating on her with a married lady [t] who her husband (J) was a good friend of mine. Now my wife[d] came home and caught this lady [T]at the house, sitting on our couch doing nothing and she beats her a little before leaving and calling the husband (J) and telling him that his wife [T] was at our house. The next 26 hours get interesting! After the husband (J) got home from work they were at my house for 3 or 4 hours talking about if me and the buddies wife [T] ere having sex and blah blah
Now the next morning my wife[D] calls him up and said [E] didn't come home last night to talk and the husband (J) says i had to take a shower last night after leaving your house...(J) then he says i have thought of other people before have you? and my wife[D] says yes! Now she is assuming the shower part meant he had to get himself off. And my wife [D] said that she lied to him and has never thought of other people before and only daid that to shut him up. With that being said in your eyes ladies doese thay suggest something happened that night more than him kissing her on the forehead good by? My wife [D] also said they didn't talk about the two of them in any way what so ever. HELP ME LADIES!
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Is there more to it?
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