How do I stop this anxiety that comes when two people like each other?

I just feel like so much anxiety its messing with my digestion, no appetite! my heart beats my breathing is short. It’s not just your expected nerves. I mean I always get nervous on dates, and usually it fades away during the date, i think now its because i realize im not that into them. but I’ve never experienced THIS. we’ve never been on a date, we’ve only met up at yoga and he came to visit me at work just now.

It’s terrible because I must come across as shy and awkward and weird and boring and not into him. he seems normal and sweet and friendly, definitely tries to flirt by touching me or saying my hairs pretty or i smell good. Being myself seems so hard, I keep the convo going but my nervous system freaks out and I have no idea if what im saying is ok or if my face looks weird! i get so self conscious of my facial expressions or tone of voice or what im saying or when to speak and let him speak. now looking back on the convo i could have said a billion things better. we will see each other again at yoga tomorrow, this was only the second time I've seen him. when he left he said lll text u tn or tomorrow and see you Saturday and said bye a lot and was really friendly. and i was just like thanks for coming by ill see you saturday! maybe i shouldve said more
How do I stop this anxiety that comes when two people like each other?
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