3 dates but still not sure if she likes me. 4th tomorrow night. What's up here?

Recently single. Met this girl online about 1 month ago. When we first started texting, she went cold for a few weeks, the texted me out of nowhere. Then, we met up for our first date.

Nice Friday dinner date, went pretty well, good convo, a bit of flirting, but no kiss after date, just a hug. Met up for the 2nd date a week later. 2nd date was better, botanical gardens and dinner. A bit more flirting, some hand/arm holding after dinner on the way to car. Went in for the kiss, just got a quick one. 3rd date next weekend was a bit awkward. Wasn't sure if I should carry over the physical contact, dinner then a comedy show. Comedy show wasn't the best, dark, can't talk, wasn't that funny. Was a late show and she was tired. Nothing physical this time, drove her back to her car, got a hug and a bit of a better kiss this time. Got the first tiny kiss, then went back in for another slightly better open mouth kiss. But that was it.

Usually set up the next date the next day, but she was being a bit more flakey. I said we should do something a bit more fun this time. She said yes and agreed with my date suggestion of top golf, but told me she had a busy week and would let me know. Left it for a few days, then suggested Friday night, she takes a while to respond, but says she has a bday dinner with her friends that night. I don't text back. Then the next day she says "How about Sunday? I know its a lame day" I said no that's fine, I am going out with friends Sat anyway. She replies "sweet" and I haven't texted back.

So tomorrow night we have our 4th date, but this girl seems a little shy or just not that interested. Would she be going out with me again if she wasn't? We have been going out doing things that aren't cheap, and I pay for all of it. Is she just using me? Or is she trying to take things slow? Any insight? I'm not that invested, but I don't want to be wasting my money on a girl that doesn't like me.
3 dates but still not sure if she likes me. 4th tomorrow night. What's up here?
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