Often notice co worker staring at me?

I work with this girl and we worked together for a fair few years, she started back when I was quite large. We used to get on in a friendly way and she even baked me a cake once.

As years went on she made other friends and we barely said much more than hi in passing. Last year I lost lots of weight and just recently after 2 of her friends left I keep catching her staring at me... E. g. she was at another desk and I glanced over and she was facing the person she was talking too but her eyes were right in the corner staring at me.. I looked at her... Turned back to my work and looked back again and are was still looking.. was actually a bit creepy. Other times I seen her lean back in the corner of my eye and out of curiosity I will glance at her and she is looking at me and touching her hair

I have a long term partner and she knows that, they met a few times and last time I checked she was with some one. Not really sure what to do, I will continue to just ignore it but it explains why she always looks at my IG stories but never likes a post.

Any subtle tips on how to let her down or should I just endure it till she gets bored?
Often notice co worker staring at me?
Often notice co worker staring at me?
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