Commitment Vs. Confusion?

Can someone explain this to me please.

- We've been dating for a 6 months
- She said she doesn't want labels cz she gets suffocated
- Then she asks/tells me that I'm her boy friend right? And that she's my girl friend
- Next thing she tells me this is not going anywhere cz she doesn't believe in relationships
- She asked me pop her cherry.. I did
- The she tells me we need to end this cz she can't stand having one guy/relationship/cant commit

She says all that but
- she doesn't speak to any other guys
- she refuses to go out with other guys or even hangout with them, she turns them down
- I was cool about it and said end it then and there, she wouldn't
- she's not planning on seeing anyone other than me she said it
- It's her first relationship

It sounds more like predicting that she can't be with one person only. she's extra clingy too even before we slept with each other. And she keeps mentioning my ex who I broke up with 2 years ago and haven't seen or spoken to since then, or she mentions other girls/my other b**ches who dont exist

I'm pretty confused by now, she says something but the actions are completely different.
Commitment Vs. Confusion?
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