Looking too deep or on to something?

I knew this girl for awhile before starting college and I always had a huge crush on her. I tried to hangout with her, but she kept rescheduling it. I told her that I’m not going to ask her anymore, she has to shoot her shot to hangout for now on if she’s interested. She haven’t said anything about hanging out for almost 2 months. She rejected me later on and told me that she has a specific type of people she’s attracted to. She wanted us to be friends because she doesn’t want to ruin our connection by being romantically involved. So I finally accepted that I wasn’t going to be with her.

Last time I talked to her was last week, then today, she called me and asked if I’m going to be busy during the weekend. I told her yeah, why? She wanted to see if I wanted to go to the fair with her, her cousin, and her mom. I told her that I was going to head back home. She said that I’m heading in her direction anyways, I come to her area and go to the fair with her.

Am I looking too deep in this or something might be up?
Looking too deep or on to something?
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