Girls, She keep messaging me randomly?

So two years ago before uni, I got to know a girl. Because when everyone met for the first time and met there flat mates.. her flat mates kind of was mean to her.. so I would be the only one to ask if she’s ok.

then throughout uni we would sometimes message but never go out. Then she would sometimes come to my partys and she started to get along with her flat. I tried to flirt a lot but she has a boyfriend. Sometimes they nearly split up. But I notice she sometimes randomly messages me even after 3 months of not talking.

One night she was sad and left her house because she was sad and didn’t want to ruin her house partys mood. And she messaged me asking where I was, other time’s she was ask questions she can look up online. Like when a local Christmas fair is on. But then if I pass her in the library she pretends not to see me.

she had a boyfriend , I tried to flirt abit. Like asking for kisses on messages being playful and then saying I want the real thing. And she says things like don’t get your hopes up with winking faces.
I just don’t get it all

also I invited her out and she said yes, why does she randomly message me , pretend she don’t see me in public.. she has a boyfriend too
Girls, She keep messaging me randomly?
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