Who is the asshole in this situation?

I liked this girl, despite being in a relationship with another woman (my current girlfriend), and I asked her out because she showed signs of liking me. She turned me down. We remained friendly with one another. Fast forward a month later, and she sees me and my girl out and about one weekend and she seems jealous.

When I see her the following Monday, after realizing that she must have had a change of heart after since she’s now jealous, I drop in a conversation that I view her as a little sister. Her face drops and she looks dejected.

Honestly, for the sake of my own ego and to show her what she missed out on, I kept, expressing to her just randomly in conversations that she is like a little sister to me and showing off my girlfriend (e. i.: boasting about what I bought my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, asking her for advice on where I should take my girlfriend on a date, taking my girlfriend to places I know she’ll be at). Meanwhile, she’s still single and having a tough time dating from what I’m hearing.

Now she’s blocked me and won’t talk to me, even though I haven’t done anything to her and I’ve been nothing but nice to her. She’s nice and will talk to my other friends, but won’t talk to me (I even think that her and one of my friends might have something going on since they’re always talking). Whenever I initiate conversation, she either ignores me, gives one-word answers, or responds rudely.

Who is the asshole here? Me or her?
Who is the asshole in this situation?
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