Why do little things turned into big things with my Wife?

My wife sat away from me in the car , I begged her to sit up front with me. But she wouldn't because she says I kick and elbow her the whole way there. I don't mean to it is a nervous tick. I am thin and she is not , so it shouldn't bother her at all.

She sat as far away from me as possible. I accidentally kept slamming on the brakes, everybody started complaining , including my buddies three year old, said I drive bad my wife started it.

My friend ended up changing cars and my wife went with him and so did my mom! If my wife would not have talking non stop and acting silly with the three year old none of this would have happened. They said I am the problem , picking on her about how she cleans , contradicting everything she says and getting mad because she won't sit with me.

She also had a wine night with her friends without permission and I get the feeling they were talking about me and they think she should leave. Everytime I went down there , they gave me dirty looks and got quiet. Except my wife she was laughing and completely ignoring me.
Why do little things turned into big things with my Wife?
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