Any guys feel the term "creep" is thrown around by women too unfairly?

I personally feel women use this term synonymously for men that hit on them that they aren't interested in. Instead of words like, weird, not my type, or just no. They label them creepy.

Guys that women are attracted to aren't hit with that word. They are welcomed with open arms and playfully called a dickhead, jerk or asshole.

Normal guys that they aren't attracted to or aren't happy with being hit on by get labeled as creepy. That's pretty low in my eyes.

Don't get me wrong. There are guys that are creeps, but it's in line with their behavior. Then yes, creepy behavior is deemed creepy. But that term should not apply to a guy just trying to talk to a girl for conversation or to flirt and try and get her number to see if she is interested. Especially if he lets it go, wishes her a good night and walks off once she made it clear she isn't interested.

That's respectful. Not creepy. Just irritates me to hear a term like that given to a guy who did nothing wrong and was respectful by women who talk to their friends after the encounter.

I am just thinking, "Bitch, the guy at least had the balls to try talking to you and flirting and stopped when you voiced your feelings. Knock it the fuck off, that is rude. You try that and see what happens."
Any guys feel the term "creep" is thrown around by women too unfairly?
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