Difficulties to make female friends at work, why?

Hi everyone! I'm 26 and I work in the non-profit sector. One thing that happens to me is that I find it increasingly difficult to become friends with women colleagues. They often tend to exclude me from activities, they stare at me, and often do not engage in conversations with me. When they plan an activity, I often find out after it's done... and they didn't invite me. I'm always the one trying to talk to them and seem friendly, but it seldom works.

I am confident and I like myself, I don't know if I am good looking or not, but I feel good in my own skin. I don't throw it into people's face, and I don't talk about it at work, but my confidence could well shine through my behaviors. I have a very good education compared to my colleagues, a nice family around me (even though I lost one of my parents recently), and a handsome and kind boyfriend working in investment banking. Of course I was lucky in my life, but I also had some panful moments - like everyone. I enjoy dressing up to go to work, often with designer clothes. I travel quite a lot.

I have a lot of male and female friends, and they are similar to me - they are confident, they like to dress up, they have happy relationships, we have the same interests, etc. But when we talk about my colleagues in the non-profit sector, they tend to have a very different lifestyle and attitude, so they don't like to interact with me that often. Especially females in the sector: they interact among each other, as they are all quite similar, and strikingly different from me. Most notably, they sometimes seem annoyed by my dress code and my continuous holidays, and make jokes and remarks about my bags and shoes.

What can I do to make it a little bit better? I don't want to change myself completely to please them, but maybe there are some little changes in my behavior or attitude that could better the situation. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!
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Difficulties to make female friends at work, why?
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