What do you think because I’m freaking confused?

Okay so Yesterday I asked my friend who is a woman if she is attracted to me and this is what she said afterwards.
Me: 2nd question: Are you attracted to me? Not trying to try anything or whatever just was curious.
Her: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes we need to talk but I’m going to give you scripture from here on... ok 👌 . But I’m not going to criticize your thoughts, just give scripture to read.
Me: thank you for your encouraging words. Some people never see the good they only see the negative or they only see your flaws. And Talk about what?
Her: Let’s communicate your feelings, thoughts, future... I will lead you to what the Bible says. Okay so what do you think she was talking about when she said “let’s communicate you feelings, thoughts and future? And why do you think she said uhhhhhhhh yes we need to talk?
Then this is what happened the next day I texted her. I said she made me feel weird when I with her one day and she took it the wrong way and said this: Ok I’m trying to be gentle. What ever feeling’s you are having are not for me. You need to focus on Jesus and know that The love I have for you is Jesus. Then I text her today and explained why I said what I said. I told her that I was talking about love. And she sent me this:" stay focused and "we" can get through this thing called life"💕. but why would she put "we" in quotation marks? So I don't know I’m just confused.
What do you think because I’m freaking confused?
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