Why do I cry so much? Is it normal or do I have a problem?

Hi all.

So I noticed that for almost 2 years, i seem to cry pretty often. And sometimes it’s so severe, it goes on for hours. But before 2 years ago, I didn’t cry nearly this much! I cried when it was appropriate like anyone else would, but now it seems to be consuming.

I feel like there are many factors contributing to this. 2 years ago, my life was pretty normal and I was happy for the most part. I feel like things started to get difficult when I started dating my boyfriend. He was incredibly kind and sweet but after being together for a while things started to change. I used to be able to open up to him about anything and talk about anything that was bothering me, even if it was him that was bothering me, and he would listen and I wouldn’t be upset anymore after talking. But eventually it got to a point where he would not care about my feelings.
For example, he could do something, I get upset and normally he would apologize and we would talk and be done. But soon it got to the point where I couldn’t talk to him about anything without it backfiring on me, and it made me afraid to talk to him about my feelings. I would tell him how I was feeling and he would ignore me, or mock me, or laugh at me which would make me feel worse and cause me to cry. I’ve had a tough year, so I would often talk to him about stuff, but his behavior became a habit, so almost anytime I opened up to him, he would act this way and I would end up crying. And he eventually stopped caring about the way he was making me feel, so if he sees me upset, he’ll just ignore me or laugh at me and call me a cry baby. There’s been times I would be so upset, I would cry for hours and he would just listen to me or watch me while playing a video game or watching funny videos. He’ll completely zone me out like I’m not there. Now, every time I’m upset about anything, I cry. And i can’t cry around him cause he’ll make fun of me, but it’s hard not to be emotional around him. What should I do?
Why do I cry so much? Is it normal or do I have a problem?
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