How to deal with overly friendly co-worker?

I have a co-worker. Who is, sort of overly friendly. I think this maybe due to the different background that we come from.
Awwww, let me get new coffee for you
"Awwww, let me get new coffee for you"
Dont get me wrong. Overall she is an awesome person. She is cheerful and always upbeat. But, as a quite nerd, it is bit hard for me when she calls me out in front of everyone.

I am used to blend in the background. So much so that I contemplate wearing new outfit, just so people dont get too much attention on me. Today was such a day.

But she complimented, gave me air kisses in front of entire floor. I kept changing the topic and asked her about work. But she still continued.

I am not exactly easy on the eyes. So, other people on my floor, specially girls my age were laughing. I was sort of drowned in embarassment.

How do I deal with this?
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So this is how the encounter went.

Her: *gushing over my Christmas party outfit* awww you look so nice op
Me: *laughing* would you stop looking at me like that😂
Her: *laughs* like what?
Me: like I am a puppy who just learned howling 😂😂
Her: *burst into giggles, goes to everyone and tells about this convo*
I am happy that she at least now a bit more reserved about it. And the office floor knows i get uncomfortable 😂. I take this as a positive thing. This i can work with. No problem.
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Thank you all for your valuable inputs. Shout out to the influncer lumos for extra hints.
How to deal with overly friendly co-worker?
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