Why do women take male preferences as such an insult?

It seems to be that women, maybe more so online get extremely upset when the topic of men preferring women who do certain things comes up.

A common one is the preference for a skinny girl. It's more attractive and there's nothing stopping anybody from being skinny or fit yet women seem to come out of the woodwork with a vengeance if anyone dare to hold that view, as it were totally unreasonable.

Another is that recent tiktok that went viral where a female nurse made a 10 second video saying that the best way to avoid STDs is waiting for marriage. There were thousands upon thousands of livid replies from women and she even got doxxed for such a small and obvious statement. Why would women be so angry about this. If they personally choose not to wait for marriage why do they have go throw a tantrum when others do want to.

And neither of these things are outside a person's control. If you want to appeal to men who want skinny girls, be skinny, if you want a man who values marriage, stay a virgin.

It really isn't that complicated and is much more fair then say the preference for tall men because they are totally choices you make in life that reflect on you as a person. I frankly dont see men with this attitude that demands everyone like them no matter what and never judge their actions or else.
Why do women take male preferences as such an insult?
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