Do you think more women need to be tougher or stronger in society?

I personally think the belief that women are frail and need protecting is one borne from history and perhaps intertwined with biology. Despite this, I think society can be greatly benefited by women who are empowered to improve themselves in ways that make them tougher or stronger, specifically when it comes to fitness and self-defense. Too many women go out without knowing what to do or not having the proper tools to help themselves level the playing field. A lot of these women think that nothing will happen to them because nothing has before so why the need to toughen or strengthen themselves? I personally think this is the wrong mindset because (1) you only need ONE event for your life to change drastically and (2) this mode of thinking doesn’t apply to other stuff in one’s life like wearing your seatbelt in the car, locking your door in your home, etc. Even though something hasn’t happened in the past, doesn’t mean it will never happen nor can you predict when it will happen.

I think we NEED to empower women to workout more, take firearms and weapons training more, and take hand to hand training more.

THIS is what it means to EMPOWER women. We need to instill the mindset and belief that women aren’t lazy and too frail to workout or train hard and lift weights like men
Own and train with weapons like firearms like men
Wrestling, box, kick box , etc. because that’s for men

Empowering women means making them tougher and stronger in these ways because it will carry over to mental toughness naturally and instill a mentality of independence and confidence in the woman, without her having to sacrifice any femininity.

I think a woman can do BOTH
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I think the belief I’ve always had was that women were too lazy, frail, or feminine to do anything physical like lifting weights or other physical training. Perhaps the media is to blame for this, but my experience with what I’ve seen women saying has also proved this to be true as well. Maybe women think these physical things aren’t feminine or maybe they’re expecting the man to protect them or something.
Do you think more women need to be tougher or stronger in society?
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