Do you agree with what this guy says here?

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01-18-2020, 08:07 AM

Originally posted by WhiteShoulder
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Oh come with me my pretty little one
Oh come with me my honey
I swear by the blue eyes in my head
That you’ll never want for money...

“My pretty little one.” Not “my high-Presence little one.”

Yep, My. Pretty little one. Who will never want for money.

Does the blue-eyed person seem to be regarding the "pretty little one" with respect? Or as an equal? Because it doesn't sound like to to me.

Will a person with really good looks but a low Presence/Manipulation be able to bed people all the live-long night? Probably so. Will they be able to get those people to say "Yes" to anything beyond variations of "Wanna fuck?" Probably not.

(Me and this guy were debating about whether a gaming character with a high Appearance score but only average Presence (charisma) and Manipulation scores would still be able to convince people to do what she wanted.)
Do you agree with what this guy says here?
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