When my girlfriend does this, how can I stand my ground and not feel like a dick?

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for almost 6 years, and looking at her family and where she grew up I have nothing but good and nice things to say a lot of the time. But like me and everyone else, nobody is perfect. She gets so angry with me when we argue that she turns literally everything I say into a diss right back to me. She’s really good at it though! So I can give her a lot of credit for that. It’s just near impossible talking to her and actually accomplishing anything. She’s put up with a lot of my shit and I’ve with her too. There’s something I don’t like anymore though.
Sometimes when I make a point, she will just say “that’s it, I’m moving out. I’m breaking up with you! We’re done.” Almost like she’s trying to scare me into doing whatever it is she wants/needs, because it happens to be during a fight! I’ll tell her okay go, I’m not stopping you, and she will hang up, insult me till I hang up or leave, and then come back and just say “I love you.” Or start making an excuse why she was being rude like “I haven’t eaten” or “x is stressing me out.” Or just ignore everything, come to her senses and promise to do what I need her to do then doesn’t act on it.
She lives with me but doesn’t have a job, doesn’t pay any rent or bills and threatens to leave me when she feels. I’m not saying she can’t ever break up with me or anything like that because she’s allowed to and I tell her to leave if you want. But I really don’t like how she threatens to leave ALL THE TIME, and insults me, and then acts like she didn’t do anything wrong. If I tell her anything from what she did was wrong then her anger kicks back in. If I go alone and say “I love you too” then I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. I feel a little
stuck haha. She doesn’t seem to want to budge but if I think i can make it work I will try my hardest. What do I do to make her accountable for her actions?
When my girlfriend does this, how can I stand my ground and not feel like a dick?
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