Do you think this was weird of this girl I used to go college with to do?

So today i found a old art school class mate of mine on fb and added her. I've not seen her for 3 years. We didn't talk much as we were bouth the shyness girls in the class.

In my first year of art school, i was painly shy and had no friends, i hated the way i looked and i now i look back im pretty sure i was border line despressed and anorexic due to my grandmother dying and just having no conference due to bullying through my school years.

Id always were baggy black jumpers to hide my body and sit alone in class and it was very easy for people to notice there was something wrong with me. I used to close myself off from everyone and show no emotions.

She also suffered from mental health i assume as she scars all up her arms in college.

So anyway i found out more about this girl in my art class today and realised she had quite a big social media following back in college and i was looking through her social media to find a picture of me in the art class room, sat alone in my big black baggy jumper date July 😂. She captioned
"crazy how this girl doesn't realise how pretty she is" some others from the school commented really nice stuff like "yeah she and her stister are so quite but very sweet" my stister was the year approve me in art school by the way. a lot of people were saying i was "beautiful ".

At first i felt uncomfortable and shocked she'd take a picture of me without me knowing and all the people had spoken about me behind my back and if she was just doing it for social brownie points but now i look back i think we were both 17 years old and she was probably just trying to be sweet hoping id see it. I always kinda wanted to be her friend but we were always to shy to speak to each other she seemed really cool and as if we were in the same boat.
Do you think this was weird of this girl I used to go college with to do?
Sorry for the really bad quality picture, it was already bad and then i screenshot it and cropped her and others names out for their safety. But this is 17 year old me in college and the picture she took without my permission
Do you think this was weird of this girl I used to go college with to do?
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