Caring for my girlfriend?

I'm in a really beautiful relationship with a girl I met in 2017. We have this strange, unspoken bond which neither of us can explain. She loves me a lot and gone through a lot.
However, I'm concerned for her because of how emotional she is towards me. I recently fell very sick and had to put into ICU. Though my girlfriend was able to manage, she wouldn't stop crying.
If anything bad happens to me, she gets so distraught. I worked as a lifeguard on a ship and until I reached the shore, she would wait for me.
On such critical situations, she has said she cannot live without me.

I love this girl A LOT and I cannot see her so distraught over me. I'm not immortal and will leave the earth eventually. If I go first, I doubt she will be able to handle herself.
What can I do?
Caring for my girlfriend?
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