Why was she acting so weird last night?

There is this girl from class, we talk a lot and about a week ago we told each other that we both had a crush on each other and I told her I love her and she said that she loves me too. But the next day she said "don't focus too much on what we said last night" I said what do you mean? She said "no, I didn't mean thatttt" "I mean just don't focus too much on everything" so.. I just said ok and last night was valentine. I sent her a gif with loki (her favorite character) saying I love you. She replied with a stupid whatsapp sticker of a black man getting hearts out of his hand... and she said "it's a useless day anyways, It's meant for couples so I don't go out on it".. I thought we were sorta dating. Wtf am I?
Why was she acting so weird last night?
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