How to help him move on?

So my boyfriend and I got together in an unconventional way- we met through his best friend, which wouldn't be a big deal if his best friend and I hadn't been... whatever, sort of together. Its really complicated because we were "together" for maybe two weeks, such a short amount of time its inconsequential.

Anyway, so I met my boyfriend and we just... got to know each other, liked each other, and eventually (way after I explained the the other guy that it wasn't going to work out) started dating.

The problem is... the first guy can't let go. I know it sounds really conceited and self absorbed, but he's head over heels for me still, and being that my boyfriend is his best friend and we were good friends before we were "dating," we just don't know how to help him. He won't listen to a word he say and can't seem to drop his extreme attachment to me. For instance, he'd take me back in a heartbeat even though he claims he wouldn't. He tries to make my boyfriend sound like a bad person by saying things like "I wouldn't date my friends ex even with permission." He constantly tells me he loves me but then goes on about how he wants us to be happy but then goes on about how we don't deserve to be happy until he is.

So, we asked him to back off. To that, we got told that we hated him and wanted to forget him. We tried to explain but that didn't help.

So we asked for some space. And let me tell you how well that went over. He agreed not to talk to me for a few days but won't leave my boyfriend alone.

On top of that he's making all my other friends think I hate them by hiding in invite only parties, not telling people they're invite only, and just not inviting me. So, people think I'm just a b**** when in reality he's making me out to be as such.

All he ever does is whine on the dashboard about how much he misses me and how sad he is that I'm gone and how badly he wants me back. Since no one ever gets to hear my side of the story, or even my boyfriends, they just assume he's telling the truth, about everything, even when he's clearly being ridiculous, and its starting to cause a divide in our group of friends.

So.. what should I/we do? I really don't know how to talk to him anymore or how to help him. :[
How to help him move on?
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