Why do girls like playing mind games?

I met a girl about 2 months ago at a bday party. We exchanged numbers and hung out once. Then we had to postpone because of our exam schedules. Then COVID world locked down happened. We agreed to keep in touch and continue when things returned to normal.

I try to keep in touch with her, but she barely responds. Every time we talk she’s says “I really wanna see you again”. She tells me to come visit if she moves. She says these things, but she barely responds to me. I’m talking like once a week. Now I’m wondering if she’s just playing mind games.

I don’t understand, she’s the one who came up to me n asked for my number. So why’s she acting like this?

Should I drop her and delete her number? Or should just wait until this global madness ends n start over?
She’s playing games get rid of her
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Don’t get rid of her. Just give her space
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It’s just bad timing
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Why do girls like playing mind games?
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