Do people like or dislike girls who act cutesy?

Firstly most this i can't help it's just who i am. a lot of people think im cute because im 5ft and a little chubby with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. I have very much a baby face. Im 22 but most people mistake me for 16 because of how i look and act.

I love the colour baby pink and soft fluffy cute things and im always dressed in cute girly clothes.

Everyone grabs my cheeks or trys to pick me up and cuddle me like im a baby which i HATE so much. I only like it when people i love think im cute because i get more fuss that way. Especially my mum lol i sometimes deliberately dress cute just so she gives me hugs 😂.

I have a speech impediment but manage to hide it in public but when im more relaxed environments like at home or with my boyfriend ill let it slip everyone so often and I stop caring so much. The other day i was on the phone to my boyfriend and said memite instead of marmite. My boyfriend always finds it cute and funny when i don't use proper words.

I have a womens mind and am matureewhen needed to be but most the time im a big baby and love cuddles and all things cute. My loved ones are always giving me cute pet names and say i look like a seal pup.

I personally can't stand girls who try way to hard when trying to be cute i think its pathetic and cringy af not saying im any better but most the time with me its just natural and i don't even notice when im acting in that way and people who don't know me well sometimes roll their eyes at me and think im putting on a act.
Do people like or dislike girls who act cutesy?
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