What to do when she is really mad?

Hey all!

So I am in a relationship for 6 months now and everything was great. We were like made for each other. Every day was special. She told me that she had a problem with her arm and that she can not raise it properly. However, she was really sensitive about it and I did not know that. So one day at her parent's house we all made jokes about each other. So I copied (probably) her by not raising my arm properly, so I was told that I did it. It was 3 months ago and I really do not remember. Her sister was angry with me, so she told my fiance that I once made fun of her arm 3 months ago. So immediately she was angry with me, like super angry, saying that she was never hurt that much before. I reached out to her telling her that if I did it, I am really sorry and i never meant to hurt her but making her laugh. She said things like she does not know if she can forgive me etc. I gave her a couple of days of room and time and reached out to her again asking if she would like to grab a coffee with me. But she said that she was really busy and does not have time for that. She is super cold to me when I text her like good morning texts it is like she wants to hurt me with her texts, they are that cold. I again gave her room for 3 days. I would like to visit her and talk to her genuinely if she is able to forgive me and if she wants to work on the relationship. I mean if I did something really bad I am a fast learner. How could I know that she is that sensitive about her arm? I never meant to hurt her with my actions. I would like to give her the opportunity to talk things out. What is your suggestion?
What to do when she is really mad?
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