Girls, Is she a player?

She is literally, drop, dead gorgeous. She's got a massive Instagram following and gets a billion comments whenever she drops a photo. She also casually ignores 90% of the people (mostly guys) who leave thirsty comments there. But I sent her an email through her Instagram account after she ignored my DMs for 3 months and we got talking. We're going on a date soon after 4 months of on and off talking, but we're finally in the same city again after the lockdown. A part of me is excited, another part of me is like intrigued why a girl so beautiful would go on a date with me? Does she do that with everyone who hits her up on IG? I did send her flowers on her birthday and she was over the moon. She's also been single for almost 2 years and lives alone with her dog. So I hope it's a good sign that she doesn't let people in so easily and she's genuinely keen for the date.

What do you girls think?
Girls, Is she a player?
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