She think I must be dumb?

My on and off again girl always be acting sketchy AF. I haven’t been able to blatantly catch her cheating and trust she uses that. She is an amazing manipulated and the best damn gaslighter I have ever met. For example, I wanted to surprise her. Aka catch her slippin. I Show up at her house at 6 am with breakfast. She ain’t there. Apparently She goes for morning jogs now. Bitch, since when? She didn’t look like she was dressed for a morning jog. Pull up in jeans. I want so desperately to catch her. So I can see that dumb look on her face when she knows I caught her lying ass. Now, how do I catch her ass without being creepy and breaking the law? This is more of a vendetta at this point. I don’t want there to be any confusion or questions when I drop her ass.
She think I must be dumb?
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