Girls, Would you ever not date a guy because of his race?

So I was rejected a while back by a white girl and im mixed but she was throwing a whole bunch of things out there that I was missing at the time because i was so caught up in her beauty. Anyways first red flag she goes I never really grew up around many mixed or black guys my town was predominantly white. Second red flag when me her and another guy hang out one night she goes oh we can’t go in target cause your with us and they will think we are stealing, then they both immediately follow that up with wanna go get sone fried chicken now at this point the guy and girl are cracking up laughing having a good time meanwhile im in the passenger seat looking over at her with a dead serious look on my face and I say do you want me to leave cause im
not gonna our up with this shit. Third red flag so she was a cashier and I was a floor person no joke anytime a black customer would come in she would go he looks sketchy and I got pissed and called her on it one day like how what is he doing that makes you think he’s sketchy. so I reverse it there was a white dude who walked in who clearly was out of it and I was like does he look sketchy and she was like no.
Girls, Would you ever not date a guy because of his race?
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