Is she giving me a sign?

So I made a similar post with some info the other day but since then I’ve gotten a little more

So I started work with this one girl and I’m not sure if she’s just being nice or trying to give me little hints. We talk quite a bit while we work. (So much that someone else asked if we were dating) and she’s told me things such as where she’s from and some other little things.

But the other night she mentioned that she got asked to work one day and she was said she would probably say she “forgot” and not show up then I said something like “you’re just going to leave me like that?” And then she was like oh you work then also? Ok I’ll come in then. And she’s always making little jokes to me (such as calling me names jokingly. Nothing bad).

I’ve noticed when I say something she kinda laughs then repeats it.

And like today when I was going on my break she was like “be safe...” (she said some other things but I just assumed she was being nice)

Is she trying to send little subtle sign (maybe they are obvious and I’m just not recognizing it)
Is she giving me a sign?
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