Is it ok to be a soft-spoken woman these days?

Hi everyone and thank you for reading. I'm 29 and work as a manger in academia. My counterpart, another manager, has a very different personality from myself. While I'm an INTJ, introverted, a bit shy, somewhat self-conscious, and vey soft-spoken and polite, she's much more bold, loud (with her voice, almost sounds like yelling), and nearly comes off as pissed off. I get a sense that while the rest of the team talks bad about her (men and women alike, including folks in IT who hardly interact with her beyond emails), she gets more respect than I do. We've both been managers for 1 year.

I've been able to reach this position and perform well without issues. I was promoted into my position, while she was hired from the outside. I'm Asian where soft personalities are favored and she's Black American. She's a year older than me.

Is the general perception that soft-spoken people are not as respectable as those who are loud and have "strong" personalities? And by the way, I have a strong personality too... Just not showing it to everyone at work. What do you think?
Is it ok to be a soft-spoken woman these days?
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