What do you think of someone not having a dream job?

I find myself irritated by a few of my friends for there lack of respect for my job. Both of these friends LOVE the idea of having a job that they can be proud of- having a dream job. I regrettably had a conversation with these friends (separately) wherein I listened to their idea of what made a job a “dream job”. Because as of now, I haven’t quite figured out if any job would make me particularly happier. I feel mostly satisfied with just not HATING a job. I honestly see myself being happiest as a mother, not in a specific career. But I respected that both of these guys had their minds set on being career driven and while I have always been independent, I couldn’t grasp the idea behind being passionate about my job. I worked at a few places, making minimum wage at most of those jobs, and eventually came to settle on being a waitress right now. I don’t particularly hate serving- it pays my bills just fine, and I have plenty of free time to hang out after work with my family and to go back to college when I’m ready, my coworkers are pretty cool, and I enjoy talking to people. I make tips which can be a pleasant surprise on a few rare occasions when I make way more than I expect to, and most of all it allows me to exercise my preference to “doll up”. Most people I know who work at factories can’t do that and yet we all make the same amount of money. I guess by that logic I might enjoy modeling or being a makeup artist but the thought of it doesn’t spark any more excitement in me than what’s aim already doing. I don’t have any disdain for serving. However, both of my friends have urged me to “think bigger” or think about doing something that I “enjoy”. When I explained that I do mostly enjoy my job they both insisted that it wasn’t the same level of satisfaction if it was (what was implied to be) a menial job. I don’t see myself serving for the rest of my life. I do see myself being a money maker. What’s your opinion on not feeling like I have a dream job?
What do you think of someone not having a dream job?
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