Girls always push away ugly and poor guys?

So it is clear that we ugly poor guys have no hope whatsoever when it comes to girls, since only the hot rich douchebags are the ones that get noticed. We will always live in depression because of this abnormality and have negative outlook in life. Girls never give interest to us and that says a lot for us lesser forms and they always give me the cold shoulder. I mean they always said that they're "not interested" in us and would only worship the obnoxious hot ones.

Hot rich guys have it so easy since they can land girls anytime without rejection and hesitation and us ugly rich guys get treated like garbage. I don't think girls understand that at all. I've never seen a hot rich guy get alienated or rejected by girls.

Worst part is that girls never follow me in instagram and other social media. A photo of a guy showing his abs and money gets more likes that all of my posts combined. Everytime I message a girl I always get left on seen which is just depressing.
Girls always push away ugly and poor guys?
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