Why do females hate eachother so much?

I've always noticed this. I will say, on this site there seems to be quite a bit of girl power and support in the comments but I also notice a lot of girl-on-girl hate as well, mostly from anons.

For example, whenever I make a post, mostly I will ask a question in the heading and then give my personal preference or response in the description, just answering the question myself. Afterwards, I usually go through and like most of the comments from people who share their take on the question or preference, I'm fine with people who disagree with mine as it's just opinion. I will say, a lot of the time I get good comments from people who just share their perspectives and takes I LOVE THAT. What I don't love though is when people attack and insult my answer to the question like I am wrong and they are right! There should be no right or wrong as it's just my opinion.

By itself this doesn't much bother me, a little hate won't hurt my feelings. What does hurt my feelings is when these comments have a lot of likes from other females (not males, only females!). It makes me more insecure when I know they're rallying against me to back this man up (or female, but its usually men who leave the comments that all the females like). It just seems like sometimes other women will go like the hateful comments for no good reason really... I don't even have much of a presence on this site so they shouldn't have any reason to dislike me.

This might sound silly fixating on the amount likes a hate comment has but it just makes me feel like all these women are liking the comment just because I'm another female. I don't know... has anyone else noticed something like these between girls? On here or in real life?
Why do females hate eachother so much?
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