Girls, Girlfriend is ignoring me due to stress, should I wait or move on?

Been dating for 7 months. Early she would tell me she'll call back and never did, I always contact first, she says she's very busy since she has kids. Recently for two weeks she ignore me, didn't answer calls, left me on read. I went to her house to ask what happened. She only offer to drive me back home, on the way she told me that she lost her job at a property but that the boss of company lets her work in the office in the meantime, her boss is a kind lady and I'm sure she'll help her but I don't know, she went on how she is not used to telling somebody anything since she's been single for 3 years. I told her I understand but you shouldn't ignore me like that.

She say no worries that we will talk and I said you always tell me that and nothing happens. Texted her this morning and left on read. I mean, if she would've told me she needs tine to deal with that I'll leave her alone until she's done but not just ignore me like that. I feel terrible, I even help her with rent multiple times I didn't think twice because I care. Now everything hurts and can't even concentrate on work.

I feel like crap, I even cook for us on Valentine's and a few weeks ago wrote her a poem, I don't know why I got involved now. I don't understand, we were good, she told me she cares and loves me just a few days of doing all that, she used to pack me lunch for work, she would tell me about herself and now is like I don't know her. Haven't heard back in a month.
Girls, Girlfriend is ignoring me due to stress, should I wait or move on?
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