Friend has been clingier than usual?

My friend doesn’t have a job. I do. I usually go to her apartment almost every single day and honestly, sometimes I don’t feel like it. I get tired and really hungry but she enjoys my company. I always feel so guilty when leaving.

Not sure why but the past 3 days she’s been constantly texting me asking me to hang out like uh girl I have work so I don’t have time to go to the park to just stare at men. My work schedule is also didn’t every day so yes I’m pretty tired a lot of the time. I get home from work and she wants to go hang out or go out to eat which I don’t really mind but she’s been blowing up my phone and texting me “ok don’t answer then!” Whenever I don’t reply back soon enough!

Today she did it again. I was on a date with a guy when it happened too. Told the woman I am washing my clothes and she got in her feelings and texted me back with asking if I’m mad at her and then told me she doesn’t understand what she did and said “whatever”

I’m really not mad at her but I have a life outside of our friendship. She doesn’t have a job and she has 3 kids and a single mom so maybe she is lonely but I can’t alway fulfil her loneliness
Friend has been clingier than usual?
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