Why do women not know how to do this?

In my recent experience, ( key words MY EXPERIENCE) i have met ladies who do not know how to use there words in a manner that allows them to help get threw to people like for example lets say your saying all these things wrong about you to your female friend and asking what you should do, most women that i have met either say they don't know or simple answer's not saying that doesn't work but be more detailed. Yes i know that's what's therapy is for but this goes for other areas to like for example romance and just regular conversation. Most women aren't good at keeping the conversations going like why do you all expect men to do all the work. Not saying all women are like this, but some are. I have met a lot of people in my short time span and i will meet hundreds if not thousands more so i am not saying that every lady has a problem with this just some of you.
Why do women not know how to do this?
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