Was I wrong for doing this to my friend?

So my roommate is rlly nice and I would say our friendship is balanced. We literally only hang out with each other in college lol and we do everyday. We have our own apartment this year which is great because we get our own rooms.

So long story short we’re in college so ofc there's nights where I have to study or just don’t feel like going somewhere which in addition to that, there’s been an outbreak of the virus on our campus but that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

Every time she’ll ask me at like 9 or 10 at night to go get some food with her I’ll do it! She is so unpredictable sometimes and I think she expects me to run on her schedule. I’ve asked her to go get food a couple times and only because she told me to let her know and she was hungry too and it was earlier in the day. Yesterday she had me walk all the way down to the laundry room with her and used my phone and this was at 9 at night and I’m kinda an early bird but that was fine. The point is, I go everywhere with her and am always at her beg and call. She does the same for me most of the time.

Tonight she was with her boyfriend the whole day who stayed overnight and just left a few hours ago she didn’t text me for the whole day they were together and she even went out to lunch with him without saying anything which is fine of course but she texts me like an hour ago about her sneezing and then 20 minutes ago at 8 asking to go get some food with her. I had just showered and feel bad because I wanted to stay in tonight cause I just wasn’t in the mood. I still feel a little bad but at the same tome I go everywhere else with her. She gets kinda pissy whenever this happened like I’m supposed to run on her time or something. I know she’ll probably guilt trip me but was I wrong?
Was I wrong for doing this to my friend?
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