Girls, everything has gone weird with my ex whom I want back and love, what is she feeling?

I told her that I still loved her, & she looked sad. She said she was different now, still loved me but in a different way. I was really sad but still just wanted to enjoy being with her, so we went out for dinner and started just joking around. Then she let slip&I asked her about it. She clammed up. I asked if she was seeing someone,&she finally admitted that she sort of was. Her ex before me. I was hurt but kept my cool&said she's entitled to see whoever she wants but why didn't she say 3 months ago?
She just went silent&sad.
We hugged&said we loved each other (differently), then I had to stay at her place&I kept asking questions she wouldn't answer. She stayed silent&looked sad.
When she eventually fell asleep I sat up all night.

In the morning I asked her to look to her heart in the next few wks&if there was nothing there I would move on, but I really felt there was.
She nodded.
I said I would leave her alone¬ be in touch while she thought about it&she said she didn't want that, so I agreed to stay in touch. I said I loved her&left.

The next day I find out she has text my friends asking them to make sure I don't isolate (Im in a different city)
She had unfollowed me on twitter but not insta or fb.
I tried to call to ask, no answer. I text yesterday saying how confused this was making me but she hasn't replied or been online. Im worried about her,&confused.

She wants me to stay in touch but unfollows me on one platform and won't reply? Im sure she is confused too,&I dont want to bug her incase I drive her into her exes arms.
Before I left her city I sent her a cute card,&restated how I want to fight for this in whatever way I have to (not physical), the card would have arrived after I last text her. It said I had just left her when posted, but Im still scared that it may feel like I'm crowding her, no matter how nicely I intended.

Should I just leave her alone? Reach out in week?
I don't wanna upset her, love her, but deserve respect 2. What is she feeling?
Girls, everything has gone weird with my ex whom I want back and love, what is she feeling?
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