Why woman can't resist they sexual urges?

I have recently just moved to a new state. I've got more female friends than guys, but the only problem is, when I'm chatting with women online, before I meet I make it clear to them that, I seek nothing more than just friendship, they'll agree and accept. However everytime we decide to catch up for drinks or just movies "as friend" I get told the same thing from woman over and over "you're really attractive and I feel a sexual connection between us" and they'll always have a sexual connection toward me, although I made it clear that its just friendship I'm looking, but then we end up making out and more. Which then leads to me ghosting them because I feel like I've violated the terms of friendship.
My question is, and I'd really appreciate answers mostly from woman but I'll accept request from any other expert.
Why is it so hard for woman to say they're ok being friends but jump my bone the moment they get the chance. Although I see them as friends?
Why woman can't resist they sexual urges?
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